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Products corresponding to all the selected criteria:
2 pin's flowers
2 brass gold plated flowers pins without nickel free chrome, motif 18 mm, pink and grey pearl.
Earrings flower
Earrings flower. Motive 6 mm. silver-plated brass metal, chrome-free nickel free.
Egona ring
Egona ring, pattern 5 mm gray enamelling cold. The ring ring is non-adjustable, size 53.
Gold plated brass metal (0.3 microns) without chromium without nickel.
Ester earrings
Ester earrings, size 40x20 mm, green and gray enamelling, length 4.5 cm. Gold plated brass metal (0.3 microns) without chromium without nickel.
labradorite long necklace
semi precious stones long necklace, labradorite stone, stone length 4 cm, length 85 cm, double rows. Gold plated metal, 0.3 microns gold, chrome free nickel free.metal base in brass treated by
Pia hair clip
Pia hair clip, gray and green enameling, pattern 38x18 mm, length 6 cm. Gold plated brass metal treated with electrolysis, without chromium without nickel.
Saïgon earrings
Saigon earrings, red coral in bronze, gray pearl, rectangle 30x60 mm in resin (vintage piece), lengt 8 cm. Brass metal gilded with fine gold (0.3 microns) chrome free nickel free.