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Winter 2023
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earrings stars
earrings star flea golden brass cold enamel black, pattern 3 cm. Gold-plated brass metal (0.1 micron) chrome-free nickel-free.
cloisonne earrings flowers
boucles d'oreilles vintage à cloisonnées rétro vintage années 80, délicate couleur pastels en très bon état, longueur 6 cm, largeur 2 cm métal argent, attache argent 925.
vintage brooch
brooch recycled beads vintage, recycled glass beads, in very good condition, size 7x3.5 cm, color green and red. Gold plated brass metal.
earrings upcycling fan
earrings upcycling fan style art deco, metal bronze aged gold effect, pearly stones. Length 5 cm. Pattern 20x15 mm. Bronze metal in electrolytic brass, chrome-free nickel-free.
Earrings Eiffel Tower
Earrings Eiffel Tower. Design 40x20 mm, length of earrings 4 cm. White vintage glass bead stone with silver Eiffel Tower motif. Brass metal treated by electrolysis, without chrome without nickel.
vintage water pearl fibula brooch
Fibula hatpin brooch set with water pearls, vintage piece. Pattern 1 cm. Length 7 cm. Gilded brass metal.
vintage trefle fibula brooch
Brooch hatpin fibula cabochon trefoil detail of ladybug on one of the leaves, vintage piece. Pattern 15 mm. Length 7 cm. Gilded brass metal.
bakelite bracelet flowers
Vintage bakelite bracelet, in very good condition, brown color with flower painting detail. Inside diameter 6.5 cm, width 1 cm. Vintage pieces.
Set of 2 vintage bracelets 70s
Lot of 2 retro 70's vintage rigid bracelets, green and blue bakelite with white flowers detail, in very good condition, width 1 cm, interior diameter 6,5 cm.
vintage pink bracelet
Set of 3 vintage pink bakelite bracelets with gold metal wire all in perfect condition, sold by 3. Inside diameter 6.8 cm, width 0.6 cm. Vintage pieces.
sunflower brooch
pin's sunflower gold, pattern 3 cm. Gold brass metal. Recycled pattern, recycled jewelry.
brooch with pope leaves
brooch pope leaves art deco gold vintage, golden brass, design 8x4 cm. Gold plated brass metal (0.1 micron) chrome free, nickel free.
leaf brooch
brooch art deco leaf, mother of pearl stones, 7x5 cm. Gold plated brass metal (0.1 micron) chrome free, nickel free.
flowers earrings
white mother-of-pearl flower earrings, green glass bead in the center, recycled glass tube beads and black glass bead made with a blowtorch, length 8 cm, width 3.5 cm.
Duke earrings
Duke earrings, metal base brass plated aged silver without chrome without nickel. Dimensions 10x3 mm, length 4.5 cm, swarovski aurora borealis strass.
Gemma earrings
mother-of-pearl and lace earrings, the stone (yellow rhinestones) is surrounded by embroidered lace, length of the earring 8 cm, width 3 cm, recycled pearls.
Léonce brooch
vintage brooch, recycled jewelry, green agate stones and vintage 60s glass beads, handcrafted. Gold-plated brass metal, in very good condition, dimensions 5.5 x 3 cm.
Leonce earrings
fan earrings, the pearls are pearls from the 60s. Metal in silver plated brass without chrome without nickel.
Vintage sacred heart brooch
Vintage sacred heart brooch, recycled jewelry, marcasite glass beads and green bakelite button, unique piece, 4x3 cm. Silver plated.
cuff bracelet
howlite and mother-of-pearl cuff bangle bracelet, width 5 cm, inside diameter 7 cm, the bracelet is adjustable.
Betsy earrings
Betsy white water pearl earrings, length 9 cm. Brass metal gilded with gold (0.1 micron) without chrome without nickel.
citrine necklace
citrine and freshwater pearl necklace, motif 3.5x3 cm, citrine stones and white freshwater pearl, length 42 cm with 3 cm extension chain. Brass metal gilded with gold (0.1 micron) without chrome.
marquetry earrings
mother-of-pearl and ebony marquetry earrings, length 9 cm, width 1 cm, black agate and pink quartz. Brass metal treated by electrolysis gilding plating of 0.1 micron gold, without chrome.
heart pendant
Mother-of-pearl heart pendant, 1 cm heart, recycled pearl. Length 38 cm + 3 cm extension chain. Brass metal gilded with gold (0.1 micron) without chrome without nickel.